Hello Waterloo !

RICH’L enjoys a strategic location between Drève Richelle and the start of the shops on Chaussée de Bruxelles. RICH’L is the gateway to Waterloo, an outdoor commercial area with shops to meet everyone’s needs. RICH’L is an opportunity to enjoy shopping in a peaceful environment, with beautiful large spaces and a safe, attractive promenade. The excellent quality architecture that matches the city’s prestige is above all welcoming. It has also been redesigned so it is in keeping with the current eco-friendly spirit. The car park has approximately 700 spaces and is always free of charge.

Why Rich’l?

The RICH’L’s name and logo, with the apostrophe representing a leaf, refer to the site’s address: la Drève Richelle. We have chosen to highlight its local origins. Indeed, opting for a short and easy-to-remember name is in line with the values of the site: proximity, convenience, comfort and – of course – sustainability, which is represented by the leaf.


Located on the periphery of the city when it was constructed in the early 1970s, the shopping centre had a commercial offering which met the needs of the day. Over time and with the extension of the city, the site was gradually integrated into the commercial hub right in the centre of the city. This development, combined with the opening of the BIX in Mont-Saint-Jean and the obsolescence of the buildings, created the perfect environment for extensive renovations.

The commercial facilities have been revamped in order to propose a more convivial destination, integrated into its environment. And without increasing the m² of shops (23,000 m² at the end of the project, compared with 22,000 m² at the start of the works). Visiting RICH’L means being welcomed to Waterloo, combining the useful with the enjoyable and efficiency with pleasure.


With food, home maintenance, DIY, catering, home improvement, fashion, drugstore, leisure, services and more, RICH’L offers an extensive choice of shops to ensure that there is something for everyone.

RICH’L is a welcoming site, an outdoor shopping area offering fast and easy access to the shops of your choice but also, with its enjoyable promenade and its future Square, a chance to take a stroll if you have the time and inclination.


RICH’L prioritises the use of sustainable materials in its design, and pays particular attention to energy costs: thermal insulation, natural lighting, waste management, green roofs, rainwater reuse and drainage, soft mobility and transport, etc.

2,300 solar panels, producing more than 790,000 kWh/year, or the equivalent of the consumption of +/- 226 households, will be placed on the roof before the site opens fully.

All shop-owners have also signed a green lease committing them to take all possible measures within an ecological and environmental perspective.


The right part of the site, located along Chaussée de Tervuren, will house around 20 apartments. Discussions are still underway with the municipal authorities.

The apartments will have their own underground car park and individual entrance/exit, separate from the commercial complex.