Privacy statement

1. Introduction

1.1 In this privacy statement, we would like to inform you how and why we process your personal data via the website and what your rights are under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other local laws on privacy and the processing of personal data (together referred to as the “Applicable Laws”)

1.2 This privacy statement contains certain defined terms. If they are not defined in this privacy statement, these terms have the meaning conferred on them by the Applicable Laws.

1.3 SComm Redevco Belgium, with registered offices at Passport Building 1K, Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0478.098.845 (hereinafter referred to as “Redevco” or “we”) determines how and why your personal data may be processed. In this respect, Redevco is the Data Controller of your personal data, as is explained in this privacy statement.

2. Processing of personal data

2.1 When you browse on this website, Redevco processes your (“data subject” or “you”) personal data in the manner described below.

2.2 We undertake to protect your privacy and your personal data and respect your rights. This privacy statement explains how we process your data, in accordance with the Applicable Laws.

3. How and why Redevco processes your personal data

3.1 Redevco is likely to process your personal data collected via the website for different purposes. Below, we describe, for each purpose, the type of activity that we carry out, the category of Data Subject to which this Processing relates, the categories of personal Data we Process, and the applicable legal basis.

3.2 Communicating with you

4. Sharing your Data

4.1 Redevco limits access to your data to employees and any person acting under their authority only when this is necessary. These persons must always respect our privacy rules and comply with our instructions.

4.2 Any person with access to your personal data and acting under our authority, processes your data under the instructions we have given them and has undertaken to respect our privacy rules.

4.3 Redevco may use external sub-contractors to process your personal data, such as companies specialising in IT support, email services and marketing.

4.4 Redevco only works with reliable sub-contractors that have sufficient guarantees in terms of security, transparency and compliance, particularly with regard to the Applicable Laws.

5. Data Retention

5.1 Redevco retains your data only insofar as we need it, in accordance with the compulsory retention conditions and the provisions of our data retention policy. We will delete or anonymise your personal data once we are no longer required to retain it.

6. We respect your rights

6.1 Redevco implements reasonable and risk-based technical and organisational measures to guarantee that your data is protected against loss, disclosure, unauthorised use, modification and destruction.

6.2 Pursuant to the Applicable Laws, you have certain rights regarding the personal data we hold about you, including:

the right to be informed about and access your personal Data;
the right to correct or delete certain Personal Data;
the right to restrict or object to certain processing operations;
the right to the portability of your Data;
the right to withdraw your consent, where processing is consent-based.

6.3 You can exercise your rights by contacting us using the details below.

6.3 You can exercise your rights by contacting us using the details below.

6.4 To guarantee the security of your Data and avoid abusive use, before replying to your request we ask that you provide us with acceptable proof of your identity and we check the legitimacy of your request and whether all the conditions have been met.

6.5 Furthermore, if you have reason to believe that the processing of your personal data by Redevco violates the Applicable Laws, you have the right to complain to a supervisory authority at any time. You may contact the Belgian Data Protection Authority at the following address:

7. Contact us

7.1 If you have any questions or concerns regarding the way in which we collect, store and use your data, please contact our Compliance Officer:

7.2 We will do everything we can to find a fast and satisfactory solution to any problem you send us.

Cookie policy

1. Cookies

1.1 This website uses cookies, which are small “packets” of information sent by this website to your browser with a unique identification number, to identify returning users. To do this, these packets are automatically placed on the user’s hard disk. These cookies facilitate access to and browsing on the website. This data is used, together with other data, to create anonymous statistics and improve the quality of the website. Redevco reserves the right to use these cookies to offer you a customised version of this website,

1.2 The following types of cookie are used specifically on this website:

1.2.1 Technically necessary cookies, which are cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the website. The website would not operate correctly without these cookies. These cookies cannot therefore be disabled.

1.2.2 Functional cookies, which are cookies used to improve the functionality of the website. For example, they may be cookies that retain the content you have already visited on the website. The functional cookies used are: – direct cookies, which are placed on this website and can only be read by the website. – indirect cookies, which are placed by third parties used by Redevco for certain services, e.g. website analysis. Some cookies do not come from Redevco, but from a third party such as Facebook or Google. Redevco has no control over the way in which these cookies are generated. We recommend that you visit the website for more information about these cookies and their management. We do not use tracking cookies.

1.3 If you want to remove these cookies, please consult the manual for your browser. You are free to disable this option in your browser. However, if you do so, it is possible that certain parts of this website cannot be consulted and/or used or that they can only be consulted/used in part.

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