Operation Small Change: BEL-RTL Radio broadcasting live from RICH’L on Saturday 15 April

Operation Small Change is running at full speed. Bérénice and Léon are travelling around Belgium to collect your small change and they will be passing through you RICH’L shopping centre on Saturday 15 April.

According to the Ministry of Finance, more than two billion low-denomination  coins are still in circulation in Belgium. The last three collections by BEL-RTL have raised an impressive total of 1,647,647.44 euros. So we are asking for your help once more to increase this amount. Every cent collected will be donated to Télévie to finance research into cancer.

Saturday 15 April

  • From 10am to 6pm: Come and drop off your small change in the piggy-bank truck parked in the RICH’L car park.
  • From 1pm to 3.30pm: Come and join the audience for a live radio broadcast from BEL-RTL’s mobile studio and meet the presenters.


“Operation Small Change allows everyone to join in this magnificent outpouring of generosity around Télévie. Our piggy-bank truck will be filled with small change often donated by poorer households and children. It is really touching to see these people offer us their small change, despite the harsh reality of the cost-of-living crisis, and many of them give freely without counting the cost. They may not think that they are giving much, but it’s the extraordinary number of people that give that allow our researchers to make great progress” explains Bérénice, the BEL-RTL radio presenter.

So, see you at RICH’L on Saturday 15 April? We’re counting on you.